Session Prep – Get the Most from your Photography Session with these tips!

Follow your Instincts

Part of the experience you will receive through our studio is help nailing down what you really want from your custom photography. We will cover everything from the whys and hows, to what you envision for the final product. Imagining how your images will ultimately live in your home before your session even begins is, in fact, the first step to getting photos you will love and enjoy seeing every day. My goal is to help you create family heirlooms that will be cherished today and also passed down to future generations.

Prepare your body and mind

For the very best results, I recommend beginning to prepare yourself and/or your children about a week in advance of your session. Hydrate, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. Plan early bedtimes for the kids not just the night before but all week long! Sound more like wellness advice than advice about photography? Being relaxed and feeling great is where we want to start to create amazing images together.

Studio sessions are above all, so much fun. Talk to kids about the experience in a positive way – they really do get to be a model for a day! Some of my favorite compliments have come from kids, via their parents, about how much they loved being in the studio and that it was more fun than they thought it would be – and that they love how they look in the resulting photographs.

There are also a few things you should avoid in the week before your session:  avoid new skin care or make up products, schedule haircuts at least a full week before your shoot, and save jumping into a new diet, workout, or other new routine for well before or after your photographs are taken.

Get Organized

I am a lover of lists (and have been known to make a list of lists …anyone else? just me?) Gather all of the clothing, accessories, and other items that you’ll need for your photo shoot in advance to reduce stress on the day of your session.  We will talk in detail about achieving the look you want for your images during our pre-session consult. Putting that plan into action will result in stunning images!

  • Take an inventory of all of your clothing, make a note of anything that needs to be cleaned or tailored, and items you plan to purchase or rent.
  • Think through all accessories and hair care items you’d like to have with you at your shoot. Feel free to bring a variety that we can choose from together.
  • Plan to have a light meal just before your session so everyone is comfortable and relaxed
  • Leave plenty of room in your schedule to spend at least two full hours at the studio

Great planning is the key to great results! We are here to help you achieve both. Contact the studio to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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