Photographing Hidden Milestones

When our children are little it is so easy to see the milestones as they reach them – the first smile, the first step, the first day of kindergarten. As our sweet babies grow, the milestones seem to become fewer and further between. But what you find out as the years fly by, what many an experienced and wise parent will confirm, is that those later touchpoints in your child’s growth are actually hidden — and sometimes you don’t even realize they are happening they’ve passed your by. Milestones become harder to spot and more unique to each family and each child as they grow, change and continue their journey to adulthood.

Norah and Henry are siblings who are both nearing big milestones in their lives – heading off to middle school and to college respectively. Their wise mama has been savoring every special moment of this last year while she has both pieces of her heart at home and with her on a daily basis, and decided that this was a perfect time to capture their sweet big bro/little sis dynamic. While the last year of high school tends to be documented quite well, from award ceremonies to last sporting events, I loved the thoughtful goal that this family had behind their session meant to not just capture each individual child, but also to capture their relationship to one another.


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