Which session should I choose?

With our Mother’s Day Portrait Pop-Up on the horizon, several questions have come in about whether a family should take advantage of the pop-up event or schedule their own full session.  There are several of differences between the two and most have to do with the results you are looking for from your session.

What is a Portrait Pop-Up?

I first became familiar with pop-up events via the restaurant industry. Restaurant concepts from chefs in larger cities began “popping up” in empty spaces around town for a limited time, promoting a special menu, and letting people know that they only had a short window to enjoy the goods. It’s an awesome concept and in the past few years I’ve seen happening in all sorts iterations across a variety of industries. I loved the idea and decided to run with it!  Portrait Pop-Up events at Lindsay Mears Studio will always be on a pre-determined day (or days) and limited to a certain amount of shoot time per client.

How are Pop-Up Events different from a regular portrait session?

Portrait Pop-Up Events

  • Limited time (typically around 30 mins of photography)
  • One outfit
  • A single concept for the shoot, chosen by the photographer (i.e. a predetermined background, lighting set up, and/or props)
  • Only available on specific dates set by the studio, a few times each year
  • Fewer finished images from which to select your prints
  • Special, pop-up only package(s) offered

Perfect for: families who want only a few images, whether to gift or display or both; a great way to get a few photos for holidays, announcements, or to surprise a loved one with a fun experience – such as getting some great shots of a grandparent with the grandchildren

Standard Portrait Session

  • A pre-session meeting with Lindsay to plan the look and feel you want for your portraits, wardrobe consultation, and discuss  ideas for how your finished images will be displayed in your home
  • Multiple backgrounds, lighting set-ups, and outfits for more variety in your finished collection
  • Between 1 and 3 hours of shoot time, (or however long it takes to achieve our goals!)
  • Scheduled any time from a week to several months in advance
  • Larger number of finished images from which to select your prints

A must when: you want fully personalized art customized for your home, plenty of images to choose from, want personalized help with wardrobe, and/or have a specific color story or concept in mind for your images

Contact me to begin planning your shoot!

There are a few things that you will always get when working with us whether for a customized session or a special event:

  • A personal order session in the studio with assistance in selecting the best images and products for your personal style and needs
  • Fine art prints and gorgeous display products selected especially for their high-quality, flexibility, and timeless styling
  • Finished images that are ready to display in your home, along with the matching digital file for your personal archive

The concept of a Portrait Pop-Up is one that I’ve been crushing on for a while and am so excited to incorporate it into my yearly calendar in 2018. I look forward to meeting many new clients and friends during these events!

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