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One of my favorite parts of being a portrait artist is that it brings together many different disciplines. The obvious skills that photographers need to do their job are all there – light placement, camera angles, and a whole host of other tech-y things. The more complex – and infinitely more interesting in my opinion – piece of the puzzle is how to take the technical tools of the trade and evoke an emotion from the viewer of the final image.

The challenge that comes with being a portrait artist who creates artwork for individuals is that the intended audience knows every part of the person being photographed.  When you photograph a model with the intention of selling a product, you turn that model into what you, the artist (and honestly, a whole host of other stakeholders) want them to be. Photographing people with the intention of creating artwork for the subject themselves is infinitely different, even though the” tools of the trade” remain largely the same. My job as the photographer is then to capture the subject in a way that evokes who they really are.

How you capture the person in front of the camera, and whether they and their loved ones then look at the images and see a true representation of themselves is the difference between a run of the mill photograph, and a cherished piece of art. And this realization is the thing that drives my process which includes plenty of planning with the family commissioning the photographs. I feel that learning what a parent wants to capture about their child as they are at a particular moment in time is where not only much of my inspiration comes from, but also the key to creating images that really speak to the family that will hold them as part of their treasured history going forward.

E is an avid soccer player and is ready to take on the world as a middle schooler next year. Her mom wanted to capture her spirit at this pivotal moment – so that is what I set out to do. We created a session just for her, and I loved capturing so many sides of E’s personality.


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